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The Canada Greener Homes Grant & Enbridge Efficiency Rebate Plus program helps you save on energy efficient windows made in Canada.

With Government Windows Rebate, saving on replacement windows & Doors has never been easier.

Government Windows Rebate

There is no better time to invest in new windows and doors!

If you are thinking about replacing your windows and doors, you should consider acting now as it has never been so lucrative to replace them. With Canada Greener Homes Grant and the Enbridge Efficiency Rebate Plus program, you can reclaim up to $10,600 of your the cost of the improvements, which coupled with the resulting energy savings will make the financial commitment much less significant.

More Ontarians will be able to save energy at home thanks to the newly launched, co-ordinated Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program!

Government Windows Rebate
Greener Homes Grant Windows Rebate

About Greener Homes Grant

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is a federal government programme designed in line with Canada's leading role in the reduction of greenhouse emissions and targeted at increasing energy efficiency in residential buildings.

Under the Greener Homes Grant homeowners can get up to $10,600 reimbursement for retrofits such as the installation of energy efficient windows and doors, home insulation, heating equipment and renewable energy. There are also other upgrades such as air sealing which are also covered, although not to the same extent as windows and doors.

So, What Are the grant Rates?


Per rough opening is paid for each ENERGY STAR Most Efficient rated windows. These windows should have an ER of 40 or more, or a U-factor of 1.05 or less.


Per rough opening is paid for ENERGY STAR High Efficiency rated windows. These windows should have an ER of 34-39, or a U-factor of 1.22-1.06.


Per rough opening is paid for ENERGY STAR rated doors. These doors should have an ER of 34 or more, or a U-factor of 1.22 or less.

Additional grant amounts are available for qualifying installation. Please contact us to schedule a no obligation meeting with our consultant for further details.

Canada Green Home Windows Grant

Eligibility Check List for the Canada Greener Homes Grant

  • Only the property owners are eligible to claim an upgrade to their primary residence
  • All equipment and products must be manufactured and purchased in Canada
  • All windows and doors must qualify for the rebate based on their technical characteristics such as U-factor OR energy rating
  • Partial replacement or fixing a window or door are not eligible for the grant
  • Pre-and post retrofit evaluations must be carried out by designated assessors and recommendation needs to be made for a retrofit to be eligible
  • Windows and doors must be professionally installed according to all government requirements and codes
Canada Green Home Windows Grant

How to Claim?

1 Registration

Registration for the programme can be done online. The following details are required to register:

  • Contact information and property address
  • Proof of ownership with their property tax bill number through municipal property documents
  • Proof of residence through either driver’s license or utility bill

2 Pre-Installation Assessment

After the registration, a list of certified advisors will be offered based on the location of the property. After choosing and arranging the assessment, the assessor will recommend qualifying retrofits.

3 Installation of qualifying retrofits

It is best practice to hire knowledgeable professionals who will ensure that all government regulations, by-laws and codes are followed. Ensure that the installer has the license to work with equipment and get the necessary permits before hiring. It is important to keep all ENERGY STAR stickers up until the post-installation assessment (see next step below), as this is one of the main criteria that qualifies you for reimbursement.

4 Post-installation Energuide assessment

The assessor who conducted initial assessment will verify that the newly installed products qualify, and the installation and air sealing is properly performed confirming targeted energy savings.

The homeowner will receive a Renovation Upgrade Report of all retrofits along with:

  • An EnerGuide rating and label
  • A Homeowner Information Sheet

5 Submitting all documents

The assessor shall upload into the file:

  • pre- and post-installation pictures as proof of completion

The homeowners will submit the following:

  • pre- and post-installation retrofit evaluation receipts (which also should be kept by homeowners until 2028)
  • all invoices and reciepts of purchased products and installation

6 Getting paid

After the final review of all uploaded documents, the reimbursement will be issued. The grant is non-taxable and should not be counted towards the sources of income.

Windowsville will be happy to assist you through the entire government rebate process. Please feel free to contact us for more information."

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to $10,600 per household (including the allowance for audit) is available as grant money for improvements in energy efficiency. Windowsville products qualify for such improvement.

Yes, you need an energy audit pre and post-installation to qualify and No, you do not need to carry the cost yourself as there is an additional amount of $600 which is covered through the Greener Homes Grant for this purpose. 

The grant rates are as follows:

$325 per rough opening is paid for each ENERGY STAR Most Efficient rated windows

$175 per rough opening is paid for ENERGY STAR High Efficiency rated windows

$175 per rough opening is paid for ENERGY STAR rated doors

The grant pays for windows and doors on a "rough opening" basis. This means that if your window or door consists of two or more panels within the same opening in the wall, it will still be considered as one unit for the purpose of grant allocation.

No. You can only apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant  if the entire window is replaced and  fully re-insulated.

There are certain requirements to the windows and doors to be covered under the grant, such as them being manufactured in Canada and bear appropriate Energy Star ratings. All our products are made in Canada and we will display the Energy Star labels, which should be preserved until final inspection. Our products are registered in the NRCan database.

Retrofits done before December 2020 are not covered by the Greener Homes Grant. There are also pre and post-installation inspection requirements which need to be met in order to qualify. If you started your retrofit without pre-evaluation, you will not be eligible to apply for the grant. Eligible pre-installation inspections must have been conducted after April 1st, 2020 to qualify.

In order to qualify for the grant the installation needs to be recommended by the pre-installation audit. If there are some retrofits that you feel have been excluded by mistake, you should contact NRCan and they will review each case individually.

All receipts and documents must be kept from pre- and post-installation inspections, as well as invoices for product and installation.

Depending on the state of your windows and doors, replacing them to newer, energy efficient equivalents will always have a positive effect on your comfort, help you save on energy bills, and give opportunity to renew the design of your home. With Canada Greener Homes Grant the change becomes much more lucrative as windows and doors qualify for the largest funding. You can read about savings example by one of Windowsville customers here.

When you register for the grant through NRCan, you will be provided the list of approved evaluators in your area. You can get any approved evaluator to perform the audit. Windowsville can assist with the scheduling and guide you through the process. While we cannot guarantee the outcomes of the audits or the eligibility of a given household, practically all of our customers successfully qualify.

The grant is currently slated to expire in 2027-2028. We encourage Canadian homeowners to get their windows and doors replaced well before then!