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Sliding Doors

Windowsville sliding patio doors offer unparalleled comfort all year round, with an unobstructed view and easy access to your backyard or patio.

energy efficient sliding door
sliding doors from windowsville

Perfect combination of clear view and energy efficiency

All Windowsville Windows & Doors patio doors are Energy Star certified. Create continuity among the elements of your home's exterior with stylish and highly durable patio doors. Our selection of sliding doors comes in multiple panel configurations, custom sizes, and UV-stable and impact-resistant finishes. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of hardware options and locking systems to ensure safety and convenience. Whatever the design of your home, our patio doors and door replacements provide the perfect finishing touch.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors offer a unique design element to any home. Their sleek profile and ability to open up an entire room to the outside environment bring a unique airy feeling to your living space. With their large glass panes, they let in plenty of natural light that can add warmth to any room. They also provide a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, allowing for views of the garden or backyard. With their versatility and modern style, sliding patio doors are perfect for creating open and inviting spaces in any home.

Homeowners who invest in sliding patio doors can benefit from added convenience, improved energy efficiency, and greater security. Sliding patio doors provide easy access to outdoor living areas, which offer more natural light and a connection with nature. They are also designed to increase energy efficiency, as they come equipped with features such as triple glazing and airtight seals that keep conditioned air inside the home.

Top benefits of sliding doors for your home:

  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Seamless Outdoor Access
  • Safety & Security
  • On-Demand Ventilation Boost
  • Adds Value To Your Home
  • Visibility and Ability to Monitor Outside Events
  • More Natural Light

Your Vision, Our Door!

Create a stylish, custom look for your home with our wide selection of vibrant paints and luxurious, cutting-edge finishes. Our exclusive door surface options come in various traditional and modern styles, so you can find the one that best fits your aesthetic. Make sure every exterior detail of your home is perfectly coordinated with our curated finish collection.

Stain Options

With our Superior Oak, Mahogany, and Smooth Skin techniques, you can have an authentic stained wood or smooth finish. Our doors not only look like real wood but provide a warm texture without the disadvantages of natural deterioration for wood doors.

Paint Options

Choose from a variety of colours to coordinate perfectly. From crisp white to stylish black, our curated palette of high-appeal paints will guarantee a stunning appearance season after season.

** The options above are a small sample of colours and finishes available from Windowsville. Due to wide range monitor rendering discrepancies, it is best to contact us and get help from our qualified consultants at no cost or obligation. **

Door Glass Options

Windowsville offers an extensive line of glass options to choose from, ranging in the degree of light, privacy, and design. The following options are available:

low-e glass sliding doors


An elegant and smart choice for any patio door is energy-saving Low-E coated glass. Its advanced coating allows the warmth to stay indoors when it's cold, and prevents the sun's rays from making your home too hot during the warmer months. Not only that, but the coating also protects carpets and furniture from fading - a great bonus!

Internal mini-blinds

Internal mini-blinds are an evergreen choice for those looking to add a refined touch to any room, while still providing control over the amount of natural light coming in and ensuring absolute privacy. Not only do these classic window coverings look great, but they're easy to use and require minimal maintenance - making them an unbeatable option for any home.

internal mini blinds in sliding doors
grilles on sliding doors


Give your patio door an extra special touch by adding a decorative grille pattern! Decorative grilles can take the look of any door up a notch, all while adding a unique dimension to the appearance of your home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but their interior installation between glass units eliminates any maintenance requirement and keeps the window surface smooth for easy cleaning - making them a top choice for homeowners looking to spruce up their space.


V-Groove glass is a great way to give your sliding patio doors an extra special touch without compromising practicality. With its decorative patterns like Prairie or Colonial V-Groove, you can add a luxurious atmosphere while still letting in just the right amount of light. Plus, these attractive designs require no maintenance - so you'll be able to enjoy their beauty for years to come.

v-groove glass sliding doors

Door Configurations

Windowsville doors can be combined with a selection of transoms and sidelites to bring additional style to your home's entrance. Below are some of the main options for your door's structure. There are countless additional configuration options available for doors, sidelites, and transoms, due to their varying sizes, shapes, and designs. This allows you to customize your door to fit perfectly in your home décor and truly make it one-of-a-kind.

2 Panel Configuration

2 panel config

4 Panel Configuration

4 panel config

3 Panel Configuration

3 panel config-2
3 panel config-1

4 Panel Configuration

4 panel config

Hardware Options

When it comes to hardware, Windowsville offers an array of lock designs, shapes, and features to match your style and aesthetic. Not only are these locks visually appealing but their multi-point locking system ensures superior security.





twin point

Twin Point

key option

Key Option

kick lock

Kick Lock

guardian lock

Guardian Lock

folding security bar

Folding Security Bar

Sliding Doors Features

casement vinyl window construction

Vinyl Construction

Windowsville sliding patio doors are made from a unique, 100% lead-free Canadian-made premium uPVC. As a result, our windows withstand impact and discolouration better than the competition.

Easy-to-operate Screen

Our easily operable sliding patio door screens are placed on the outside of the door, where they best protect against insects and elements. Boasting a light construction and chic design, these screens are strong and secure with their aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh. They are lockable, offering both protection and maximum airflow. The perfect combination of form and function!

easy to remove window screen
tempered glass sample

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is often called safety glass due to being 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass, which makes it much more resistant to force. It is heat resistant and its thermostability is twice that of regular glass, meaning it can withstand higher temperatures. Should the glass ever break, it does not separate into large and dangerous shards like regular glass does, but shatters into small pieces, significantly reducing the risk of injuries, especially for young children.

Argon gas filling

The inside of the thermal glass unit is filled with argon instead of air. Argon is an inert, odourless, safe gas, which is denser than air. As a result, our sliding patio doors provide reduced inter-pane convection and yield improved thermal insulation efficiency. Coupled with the Low-E coating, Argon brings the temperature of the door closer to room temperature, while also offsetting water vapour to prevent condensation.

argon gas filling
warm edge super spacer

Warm Edge Spacer

The non-metal, structural foam spacer is the seal that keeps the glass unit in place. The dual-seal unit combines the sealant that performs the adhesive function and the second sealant which has moisture and vapour resistant properties. Both sealants perform well in both high and low temperatures, and withstand height humidity and ultraviolet exposure.

Interior Finishes

Vinyl casings are an ideal solution for an enhanced look in your house. Vinyl is a perfect material for a casing because it does not deteriorate, chip, fade, or rot with time. We provide advanced technology with the finest materials for durable, flawless finishes that will retain their original colour overtime. There is a variety of options when it comes to selecting rosettes (trim corners), that will add a unique look to your sliding patio door.

interior finishes
nylon rollers

Nylon Rollers

Enjoy a whisper-soft sliding experience with our nylon rollers. Glide effortlessly, without any noise disruption.

Double and triple-pane insulated thermal units

Our sliding patio doors can come with two or more layers of glass joined in a completely triple-sealed thermal unit which provides an effective barrier to heat, humidity, and sound transfer for optimal comfort.

triple pane insulated casement window
casement window integrated brick molda

Integrated brickmold

A brickmold is an exterior trim of the sliding patio doors, framing it like a picture. It is used to fill the gap between the door and the exterior surface (stone, siding, brick, stucco etc.) while aesthetically providing a richer look. We provide various sizes and styles of brickmolds, which can be bent into shapes.

Low-E Glazing Options

Low-E coating is not visible for most of its grades and lets the most visible light through, and it provides year-round solar control and comfort in all types of weather. In hot weather, it rejects the sun's heat and harmful UV rays. In cold weather, it reflects heat back into the room. Different levels of Low-E coating are available.

low e glazing coating
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Frequently Asked Questions About Sliding Doors

You will need to measure the width of your doorway. Measure the total opening of the door frame, including moulding and other trim around it. Check to make sure that the width of your doorway is larger than the width of the sliding door you want to install.

Yes! Sliding doors can help keep your home comfortable by providing an additional layer of insulation against drafts while still letting light in during sunny days - essentially creating a "greenhouse" effect within your home during cold months! 

Sliding doors typically require minimal maintenance, mostly consisting of checking the hardware to ensure it is properly secured and lubricating parts when necessary. Additionally, occasionally wiping down the door with a damp cloth will help preserve its appearance.

This depends on the size and model of the sliding door being installed, as well as the type of opening it is going into. Generally speaking, most sliding doors require at least twice their width in order to open fully without obstruction.

Sliding Door  $1,350 - $3,900