Service Guide

Whatever happens, we stand behind you!

Even the best product may have issues and the best work may be prone to a mistake. At Windowsville we are aiming to keep those at 0.00%, but should something come up after the installation, this guide will lead you to the fastest resolution to your full satisfaction.

1 Discover

You see an issue after your new windows and/or doors are installed.

2 Document

Take a few clear pictures or a short video of the product in question, take a note of where the window or door is located per the documented agreement and what part of it contains an issue.

3 Report

We encourage you to contact us by submitting a service request below or by sending an email to

4 Respond

Our staff will analyse the issue, provide you with the service request number, and discuss any details (if needed). We may also schedule an inspection visit to determine the necessary solution.

5 Relax

You do not need to worry about the possible issues as our labour and installation is under warranty and product is covered against defects.

6 We resolve it to your satisfaction

Whether it is an issue with a product or an installation error, we will resolve it to your full satisfaction. The whole process should not take more than two to four weeks.

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