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About Windowsville

Yes, every project carries full general liability and workers compensation insurance.

In addition to exploring our website, please check our reviews on Google, HomeStars, and, Facebook. We have multiple reviews from happy customers.

Yes, we offer flexible payment terms which will fit your requirements. We accept cheques, credit and debit cards, e-transfers, and cash. Should you require a flexible payment plan, please refer to our Payment Plan Options page for more details.

About Our Products

While Low-E coating is not visible (for most of the Low-E grades), it provides year-round solar control and comfort in all types of weather. In hot weather it rejects the sun's heat and harmful UV rays. In cold weather, it reflects heat back into the room. Different levels of Low-E coating are available. Our consultants will be happy to explain available options in greater detail.

Argon is an inert, odourless, safe gas, which is denser than the air. It is used as an insulator between the panes of glass. As a result, windows provide reduced inter-pane convection and yield improved thermal insulation efficiency. Argon helps bring the temperature of the window closer to room temperature, while also offsetting water vapour to prevent condensation. Argon-filled windows provide better energy efficiency.

U-value is the measure of the rate of heat loss and how well a product insulates. The lower the u-value, the better a product is at keeping heat inside your home.

R-Value measure the resistance to heat loss. R-value is used typically to measure the heat resistance value of home insulation.

SHGC stands for Sun Heat Gain Coefficient and means the fraction of solar radiation admitted through the window or door. The lower SHGC, the less solar heat is transmitted through the window and the lower energy is needed to cool down the space during the hot summer weather.

Yes! Windowsville prides itself on the industry leading warranty offering on both parts and labour. You can learn more about our warranty here.

Caring about windows from Windowsville is easy: you can use mild cleaning solutions for the glass and a cloth with warm water for the frames. Due to the benefits of our quality vinyl construction you avoid a lot of other concerns typically associated with older windows.

There are some objective reasons any window can get condensation, which is formed as a result of the humidity inside your home and the difference in temperatures between inside your home and outside. Properly installed and sealed windows minimize heating and cooling loss, and favourably affect the condensation levels. Further measures can include using the exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms, sparing use of humidifiers, ensuring proper ventilation and air circulation.

Windowsville windows are designed to provide maximum noise insulation. There are certain window configurations which will provide more sound barrier compared to others. Our consultants will be happy to walk you through all options which will help provide better sound management with your new windows.

With some prominent common features between them, bay and bow windows are sometimes mixed up. A bay window is comprised of 3 panels which are installed at an angle to protrude from the wall into the exterior space. The larger panel is installed in the middle. Bow windows are comprised of more than 3 panels with usually a more rounded appearance and may be wrapped around building corner for panoramic view.

Egress windows satisfy the requirements for the second exit should the main exit not be accessible for any reason (in case of an emergency such as fire). It is important that Egress windows are made according to emergency exit requirements as they provide safety for you and your loved ones. Otherwise, Egress windows can be customized to homeowners' personal preferences to make your living space beautiful and functional.


A consultant will be able to visit you on average within three working days from the request.

On a typical home visit, WIndowsville consultant will (1) make an introduction, (2) take measurements of your openings, (3) present the available product and discuss the options with explicit pricing, (4) answer all your questions, and (5) make a proposal if no additional information is required. You will not need to make a decision on the spot or will otherwise be limited to or locked in any obligation.

A typical appointment lasts approximately 30-60 minutes, which should be sufficient to understand your needs, take necessary measurements, answer your questions, discuss available options, and, if applicable, provide you with a written quote. The appointment durations vary significantly depending on the size of the property, the number of questions you may have and any additional discussions and considerations. Our consultant will be there for as long as you need and will take the process as far as you are comfortable to take it.

Windowsville consultants will never put pressure on you to make the decision. We understand that this is a big purchase and an investment, and will provide you with enough time to make an informed and educated decision. Our quotes are valid for 30 days after they are issued. No additional visits will be necessary. Some promotions may have limited time associated with them, but as long as the quote included the promotion, it will be honoured past its deadline.

A choice can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes the variety of styles, configurations, colours and options available when choosing windows and doors can be overwhelming. Our in-home consultation is designed to make your choice as easy as possible. Windowsville consultants provide wealth of information about our products and process, and help you make the right choice.

Windowsville stands by the quality of the product and installation worksmanship. Please refer to our service guide for more information. We only service windows and doors purchased and installed through Windowsville.

Installation and Service

Moving furniture or other contents of your home is not included in the provided service and should be arranged by you prior to the installation time. Windowsville installers will cover your floors and immovable non-obstructing furniture for protection.

Typical average lead times from the time the order is finalized to full installation are four to eight weeks. The lead times vary significantly with product options chosen. Windowsville staff will keep you informed about the expected time frames and provide regular updates throughout the project.

We will send you a preparation reminder before the installation date. Typical actions to be taken prior to the installation are ensuring that someone will be present at the residence to allow Windowsville installers access your home, clearing the driveway where possible for the truck to park, moving furniture away from the windows and doors to be replaced, and removing any additional objects attached to or around your windows (blinds, shades, curtains). The security alarm sensors will need to be removed to be reinstalled by your monitoring provider.

We take good care of all the areas subject or adjascent to the installation sites by draping floors and immovable and unobstructing furniture and leaving the site clean and fully finished. While we put our best effort to keep everything as clean as possible during installation, it should be noted that replacing your windows or doors is a significant construction project and you may find other surfaces not adjacent to the installation sites slightly dusty and requiring light cleaning.

Windowsville will remove and reinstall shutters where necessary. Depending on the state of your shutters you will have an opportunity to choose a replacement at the time of the consultation to be included in the quote.

Yes we can, please mention this during your consultation with Windowsville consultant.

Windowsville takes care of the removal and disposal of all of the old windows and doors that have been replaced unless instructed otherwise by you.

The installation time depends on the quantity and complexity of work. Most installations are done in one day or less, and very rarely they exceed one day. We will be sure to inform you about the expected duration during scheduling installation time.

At Windowsville we use expansion foam and caulking, as they serve very well as insulator, vapour barrier, and sealant.

At Windowsville we install windows all year round. In winter months we take precautions to minimize the loss of energy during the process and we will not install your windows in strong rain, snow, and/or wind. Any installation appointment falling to inclement weather shall be rescheduled. The "go" decision is more about the weather forecast than the time of the year.

You always have an option of purchasing a New Construction grade product at the hardware store. Generally, these windows and doors are of lower quality compared to the replacement windows and doors. Similarly, installing them or arranging installation, as well as all related work will fall under your responsibility. In your decision you should also consider the warranty, which may be limited or non-existent for the products and labour. Windowsvill backs the offer with industry-leading warranty for labour and parts.

Usually you do not need to keep the same type or style of windows. If there are any limitations due to size or location, our consultants will point them out and will be happy to walk you through the available alternatives. Generally choosing your new windows is a very exciting process as they are an important element of your home and can make a lot of difference to comfort.

Even the best product may have issues and the best work may be prone to a mistake. At Windowsville we are aiming to keep those at 0.00%, but should something come up after the installation, please refer to our service guide to lead you to the fastest resolution to your full satisfaction. We guarantee parts and labour on our installation and stand by our products and worksmanship.

Retrofit means leaving the original window frame (trim and jamb extension) and installing the new vinyl window within the existing frame. Full Frame Replacement means removing the original window frame along with the original window and replacing both with new product.

Yes! We also provide blueprint, city permit, excavating, masonry and cut out services.

General Questions

Yes. High quality and properly installed windows and doors will significantly decrease your heating and cooling costs. According to Energy Star association, replacing windows and doors in your house by high energy efficiency products reduces energy bills by an average of 12%. With average household heating and cooling costs in ontario at $2165 per year and rising (2019 data), the average expected saving can amount to $260 per year. To put it in perspective, in the next 20 years one can save over $5000 in today's money, and adjusted for inflation the savings can be in tens of thousands.

Energy Star® symbol and label on the product indicate that it has been certified to meet technical requirements of an energy-efficient product, satisfying a set of strict criteria.

Energy Star® is a programme administered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), under which manufacturers submit their products to be tested and certified as Energy Star® compliant. The programme is designed to promote the most energy-efficient products which both save you the money and save us all the environment. For more information please visit https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/sites/www.nrcan.gc.ca/files/energystar.html

Affordability: vinyl windows and sliding doors are less expensive than their fiberglass, aluminium, or wood counterparts. Vinyl windows and doors are some of the most affordable products on the market. The material is easier to work with.

Weather resistance: vinyl is heat, water, and UV resistant. The material will not rot, mold, or warp because of the weather. This is especially important in Canadian climate with exposure to prolonged periods of rain, snow, and moisture. It also resists pollutants better than wood or metal.

Durability: Vinyl windows are highly durable and sturdy. Vinyl windows can last as long as 25 years or more, which makes vinyl a good investment.

Energy Efficiency. Efficiency and heat transfer are common problems for other types of windows. Vinyl is known for its outstanding insulation, preventing energy from entering or escaping your house. It will significantly reduce the energy cost as all vinyl window and door frames and sashes are fusion-welded for strength while providing a perfect air and water-tight seal.

Colour Options: Contemporary vinyl windows and doors are available in a wide range of paint and stain finishes, which allows you to customize them to meet your style needs.

Sound-proof: Vinyl acts as an effective sound barrier, preventing sound transmission and reducing the outside noise and thus improving the tranquility of the indoor space. It is especially beneficial if you live near a source of noise such as a highway or a busy street.

Easy maintenance: Wet napkin with a mild detergent is all you need to clean vinyl surface. The material will not fade, or chip.

Faster Installation: Being versatile and light, vinyl makes installation process smoother and easier, making vinyl windows and doors yet more affordable.

Boosts home value: Getting replacement windows and doors prior to sale of the property boosts its value providing one of the best returns on investment.

Recyclable: Vinyl windows are made from recyclable material, which makes them even more environmentally friendly.   

According to the Energy Star ratings, the solid-core mPVC construction with fusion-welded corners is the most energy efficient. Additionally, wider frame and one-piece frame as opposed to multiple panels provide the best energy savings.

The following are signs of needing to replace your windows: moisture, condensation, or fog between your glass panes; faded areas on your carpet or firniture where the sun rays fall; lack of ER rating for Canadian climate; difficulties opening and closing the windows; rotting, pealing around the window frame; signs of moulding on or under the frame.

The following are signs of needing to replace your doors: drafts of cold air coming in from your door area, difficulty opening or closing, rotting and/or pealing around the door frame, installed 25 or more years ago.

New home builders and contractors typically install the cheapest windows and doors to satisfy the minimum warranty requirement. These windows and doors are known as New Home Construction or Contractor-grade products. Most window and door companies offering replacement windows and doors offer much longer warranty for their products as they are better designed, of higher quality, and better installed. Check out Windowsville industry-leading warranty here.

While by no means a requirement, replacing windows and doors at the same time is a good idea if your budget allows you. You can get everything done in one project and start enjoying your energy savings fully right away.

All Windowsvill windows and doors are custom-built to fit your home perfectly. No need to worry about the fit as we will take care of it no matter the size.

Yes! Windowsville windows are fully customizable including size, finish, and options. With the help of our consultants you will be sure to find an ideal set.

Some of it is in the name: patio doors typically slide on rollers, and French doors swing open with hinges. Terrace doors are similar to French doors but boast a sliding screen to prevent bugs from entering your home.

Windowsville can provide you with this service. Newly cut openings for windows or doors and some expansions require a permit and may be limited depending on the structure of the walls in and around the proposed opening.

This distinction refers to the number of layers of glass in the window. Our windows can come with two or more layers of glass joined in a completely triple-sealed thermal unit which provides effective barrier to heat, humidity, and sound transfer for optimal comfort.

Yes, we have a referral programme. You can read more about it here.

Yes! One of Windowsville consultants will schedule a convenient time to walk you through all the options available and will help you choose an ideal set of windows and doors for your home. All of our consultants have catalogues and samples available to help you choose.