Referral Program

Liked our products and service? Pass the word and get rewarded!

There are a lot of ways to choose windows and doors provider, but we think relying on the experience of someone you know is the most effective way to find the best service. While your friend, neighbour, or family member will only be glad and grateful to you for the reference, we would like to offer a token of appreciation for your move.

In order for the program to work we need your name mentioned at the time of the initial consultation with your contact. Your name will then be placed on file for the project as a reference.

You can refer as many people as you would like. There are no limits.

How it Works...

Recommend us to your contact or use the form below to connect us.
Your contact completes the project with us.
You get CAD $100 as appreciation for your effort.

Referral Form

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