Bay Windows

Bay windows add living space and provide panoramic view and cosy interior atmosphere. These windows project outwards at thirty to forty five degree angles. Their versatility and design make them a decorative addition for any room. Bay windows can be installed in any residential property and can be created by a combination of any windows to provide improved airflow without compromising the view. The resulting ledge can be used as a seating area, floral display, or a variety of other ways.

premium energy efficient casement windows

Highly Efficient

At Windowsville windows and doors. our windows provide optimal indoor comfort through all four seasons. The Energy Rating and U-factor of our products meet the stringent government standards for energy efficiency. All our windows display the Energy Star® label reflecting their rating and specifications.

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premium energy efficient bay windows
paint and stain styles for bay windows

Paint & Stain Options

Whether you prefer to stick to the traditional white window look or get creative with colours of your windows, we have got you covered with huge palette variety. We also offer windows with three-stage stain to provide the look of natural wood finishing for exterior or interior.

Bay Window Features & Options

bay vinyl window construction

Vinyl Construction

Windowsville bay windows are made from a unique, 100% lead-free Canadian-made premium uPVC. As a result, our windows withstand impact and discolouration better than competition.

Looks Fitting any Design

Our bay windows can come in both traditional window look and contemporary designs depending on your preference and window location.

bay windows to fit any design
structural construction of vinyl bay window

Structural Construction

Our bay windows come standard with precision mitered, fusion-welded corners, providing attractive appearance and eliminate the need for adhesive and sealants. Welding of internal walls yields increased structural solidity.

Easy-to-remove Screen

Our easily removable bay window are placed on the inside of the windows, where they are more protected from the elements and can be removed easily from inside. While featuring a light construction and elegant design, the screens are sturdy and provide protection allowing maximum air flow.

easy to remove window screen
low e glazing coating

Low-E Glazing Options

While Low-E coating is not visible for most of its grades and lets most visible light through, it provides year-round solar control and comfort in all types of weather. In hot weather it rejects the sun's heat and harmful UV rays. In cold weather, it reflects heat back into the room. Different levels of Low-E coating are available.

Argon gas filling

The inside of the thermal glass unit is filled with argon instead of air. Argon is an inert, odourless, safe gas, which is denser than the air. As a result, our bay windows provide reduced inter-pane convection and yield improved thermal insulation efficiency. Coupled with the Low-E coating, Argon brings the temperature of the window closer to room temperature, while also offsetting water vapour to prevent condensation.

argon gas filling
warm edge super spacer

Warm Edge Super Spacer

The non-metal, structural foam spacer is the seal that keeps the glass unit in place. The dual-seal unit combines the sealant that performs the adhesive function and the second sealant which has moisture and vapour resistance properties. Both sealants perform well in both high and low temperatures and withstand height humidity and ultraviolet exposure.

Internal Air Chambers

Our bay windows have high number of sash air chambers, providing them with top perfect insulation and effective sound proofing advantages, as well as thermal efficiency and increased sturdiness.

bay window internal air chambers
foam chamber in bay window

Organic Foam Chamber Insulation

Certified organic polyurethane foam injection ensures safe and toxin-free insulation, while improving the overall thermal and sound performance of the bay windows.

Double and triple-pane insulated thermal units

Our bay windows can come with two or more layers of glass joined in a completely triple-sealed thermal unit which provides effective barrier to heat, humidity, and sound transfer for optimal comfort.

triple pane insulated bay window

Get Creative with Grille Options

Make your bay windows special by adding unique decorative grille pattern. Decorative grilles can make an otherwise standard window look extraordinary and add a whole new dimension to your home appearance. Majority of home owners prefer the look of grilles in their windows to complement the architectural design and augment the look of their home. Any grille configuration is compatible with any grille type to get the desired effect.

Grille Patterns


















Grille Styles


Interior Grilles are installed between the glass units and require no maintenance, which leaves the window surface smooth for easy cleaning.

Interior grilles flat 1



Interior grilles flat 5/8



Interior grilles georgian 1



Interior grilles georgian 5/8



Interior grilles square 5/16



Interior grilles pencil 5/16



Grille Colours

We carry most of the grilled in the same colour as our windows with optional metallic, silver, or gold.







* Colours may vary from those displayed due to rendering variability

Glass Options

texture glass sample

Textured Glass

Textured glass can be a beautiful addition to any room, adding a touch of elegance and style. Textured glass is known for offering superior privacy while allowing sunlight in and is remarkably versatile. Windowsville offers a variety of textured glass options, so you can choose the ideal glass for your property.

tinted glass sample

Tinted Glass

Should you prefer to add a gorgeous exterior look to your house, increase privacy, reduce the brightness of exceedingly sunny rooms, and control the climate of your space more effectively, tinted glass may be an excellent option. It comes in bronze and grey hues and is becoming increasingly popular. Additional benefits of tinted glass are glare prevention on computer or to screens, less visibility from outside, better furniture and fabric preservation due to more effective blocking of UV light, and to name a few.

tempered glass sample

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is often called safety glass due to being 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass, which makes break-ins through windows much harder to do. It is heat resistant and its thermo stability is twice that of the regular glass, meaning it can withstand higher temperatures. In addition, should the glass break, it does not separate into large and dangerous chards as the regular glass does, but shatters into small pieces, significantly reducing the risk of injuries especially for young children.

laminated glass sample

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is constructed of two layers of glass which are bonded together with interlayers to form a permanent bond. The interlayers work to support and hold the glass to create a strong, uniformed layer even when broken making the glass remain in its frame. The strength of laminated glass make it almost impossible to break, so any unauthorized person would struggle to gain entry. Other important benefit of laminated glass is that it causes noise waves to become disrupted when they travel through the material, helping to significantly reduce noise pollution.

self cleaning glass sample

Self-Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass is a cutting edge technology in windows and doors industry. It is a special coating applied to the exterior of the window blocking streaks from precipitation and build-up on the glass from forming. This effect is achieved by forming an invisible "screen" on the glass surface, which, during precipitation, causes the water to glide off the glass rather than leaving droplets of moisture, which are the cause of streaking. This option is particularly useful for larger and hard to reach windows.

The two differ in several key ways:

  • A bay window typically features three openings, projecting at angles. In contrast, a bow window generally incorporates four or five openings, although variations with three or six are also available.
  • A bay window is characterized by a structure consisting of a central picture window flanked by two smaller windows. On the other hand, a bow window boasts a curved design, creating a rounded exterior appearance, with all windows being of equal width. This style is often referred to as a "four-lite bow" or a "five-lite bow."
  • Bay windows with their angular lines and flat planes are commonly favoured for contemporary homes, while the semi-circular outer structure of bow windows complements architectural styles reminiscent of the Victorian era. Nevertheless, both types can suit a wide range of architectural designs.
  • Bay windows extend further from the wall into the exterior space, providing a bit more floor area on the interior.
    Bow windows often allow for more natural light to enter the room due to their increased number of glass panes compared to bay windows.
  • Due to their three-panel configuration, bay windows tend to be narrower than bow windows.
  • Bow windows can be wrapped around a building's corner, creating a distinctive turret shape on the outside and an inviting nook on the inside. This unique option also affords views from two sides of the home.

Certainly. A bay window offers various configurations to suit your preferences. For a purely aesthetic and light-enhancing effect, you can opt for three fixed picture windows of equal size. Another option is a larger central picture window flanked by two smaller fixed windows.

The most popular configurations for bay windows involve either double-hung or casement windows. Casement bay windows offer the flexibility of fully opening the panel with a simple crank turn. You can control the degree of ventilation by adjusting the panel's position. On the other hand, double-hung bay windows provide ventilation in a unique manner. While you can only open half of the window, you have the choice to open either the top, bottom, or both sashes for air circulation.

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