Meet Grace & David,

They love Windowsville because they saved 80% on their replacement windows. Here is their story...

happy couple overjoyed after saving on their windows and doors

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CA Greener Homes Grant

The lovely Brampton couple contacted Windowsville to replace 28 windows in their home.

Saving 0%

The cost of the triple glass windows they chose according to the proposal including tax.

Saving 40%

They received a 40% special promotion discount (currently running).

Saving 47%

Being over 60 years old, they also received a 7% seniors discount.

Saving 52%

Buying more than 5 windows, they also got another 5% bundle discount.

Saving 80%

Windowsville guided them through claiming $9,100 with the new enhanced Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program.

Saving 84%

However, these are not all their savings. Grace & David started saving on energy bills every month since project completion, and after just 5 years they will have saved even more.

So, what would Grace & David pay monthly if they chose to take advantage of the government loan?

With 25% down payment they would have been paying ONLY $97.42 per month, which, after energy savings, would turn into only...

$75.77 per month!

windowsville customer sitting on piggy bank of money saved from windows and doors
mario enjoying his sleep after finding out about his no limitation warranty for his windows

On top of all that, David has been getting some great sleep ever since he learned he was covered by a

no limitation lifetime warranty that is fully transferable.