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Get Both Quality and Value in One with Our Hamilton Window Replacements

We are an experienced windows & doors replacement company serving Hamilton and the GTA. With thousands of completed window replacement projects in our portfolio, we are a trusted supplier for Hamilton homeowners who want high-performance vinyl windows.

As A Top Rated Windows and Doors Company,  We Offer:

  • Great Customer Service
  • High-quality Windows
  • Competitive Prices In Hamilton
  • 5-star Rated Team Of Experts
  • Full Service: Engineering, Design, Consultation, Window & Doors Selection, Removal of Old Windows and Doors, Installation, Insulation, Clean Up, Follow Up & Warranty
  • Factory-direct Windows And Doors Straight From The Source (No Hidden Fees)

Whatever your window replacement needs, from expansive bay windows to vinyl double-hung windows, we are proud to offer top-quality windows for Hamilton home owners at reasonable prices.

City of Hamilton

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What sets Windowsville Apart


Our energy-efficient windows and doors can save you up to 60% when combined with various discounts and savings on your energy bill.

Fair and Honest Prices

We care about your budget and offer honest and fair prices for our high quality windows and doors. Working with us will guarantee the optimal combination of value and price for your Hamilton home.

Lifetime Warranty

Our Unlimited Transferable Lifetime Warranty covers every aspect of your windows. We provide the peace of mind of knowing that you'll be taken care of.

Outstanding Service

No order is too big or too small at Windowsville. We provide personalized service from initial contact, throughout the consulting phase, and until project completion.

One-Day Installation

Quality Installation is a critical factor for project success. All our windows and doors are installed by the most capable and experienced professionals adhering to rigorous safety practices and building codes.

Customer Satisfaction

Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us a stellar reputation, which we aim to uphold with each and every windows and doors project in Hamilton and the GTA.

windows installation and replacement Hamilton

Premiere Vinyl Window Replacement Service in Hamilton

We do full-service window replacement in Hamilton. From living room windows, dining room windows, bedroom windows, basement windows and more - we do it all! Our process includes free onsite assessment, precise measurements, delivery, installation, debris disposal and follow-up.

At Windowsville, you will find an impressive selection of Energy Star-certified windows that boast maximum energy efficiency. From double-hung and single-hung to casement and awning styles, we have the perfect window for any home or business - plus they'll save you money on your utility bills!

Here are just a few of the features and options available:

  • Thermal Unit Options: Double Glazed or Triple Glazed
  • Glass Options: Clear, Frosted, Textured, Tinted, Laminated & More
  • Finish Options: Paint or Stain
  • Grilles Options: Internal, External or Custom
  • Lock Options: Standard, Multi-point or Custom
  • Frame Package Options: Wooden, Vinyl or Hybrid
  • Installation Options: Retrofit or Brick-to-Brick

If your windows are aging, showing signs of wear and tear, and ready to be replaced, just give us a call, and we'll take it from there! From start to finish, we'll manage your window replacement project with care and diligence.

Popular Window Options & Features

energy star partner toronto

Energy Star - Highly Efficient Windows

Energy Star certified windows are designed to be more energy efficient than traditional windows. In addition to saving money on energy bills, they can also help to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Energy Star certified windows help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, making it more comfortable for you and your family.

Vinyl windows experts

Vinyl Windows Hamilton

Vinyl is a durable material that is not susceptible to warping or rotting like wood, and it requires little maintenance. They are also available in a variety of colours and styles to suit any home. Are you preparing to sell your property? Consider vinyl windows to increase the value of your home. These windows offer a great combination of beauty, durability, and energy efficiency, making them an excellent choice for home and property owners.

triple pane windows

Triple Glass Hamilton

Triple glass windows are a type of window that consists of three panes of glass. Argon is used instead of air in the internal cavity of the glass units. Argon is an odourless, inert, safe gas that is denser than air. As a result, triple glazed windows provide reduced inter-pane convection and improve thermal insulation efficiency.

Triple pane windows are also generally thicker than single- or double-paned windows, which makes them more resistant to breakage. So if you're noticing drafts in your home, consider triple glass windows as they offer a number of benefits, including improved energy efficiency, increased sound insulation, and enhanced security.

window colour options

Colour Options

When it comes to choosing vinyl windows, there are a wide variety of colours available on the market. White is the most popular and affordable colour choice for vinyl windows, as it provides a clean and classic look. However, other popular colour choices include beige, brown, and grey.

There are also a wide range of darker colours available, such as black and navy blue. These darker colours can provide a more dramatic look for your home.

easy maintenance windows

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to easy maintenance windows, vinyl windows are some of the easiest to care for. Unlike wood windows, they don't require painting or staining, and they're also resistant to rot, warping, and insect damage.

These windows are designed to be weather-tight, so they won't let in drafts or leaks. As a result, you can expect your vinyl windows to provide years of trouble-free service with minimal upkeep.

We offer service across Southern Ontario, but here are some kind words from our customers in Hamilton...

patrick moffatt
patrick moffatt
Amazing company. Came and did all the exterior doors on my project and did a fabulous job! The installer was very knowledgeable and asked me what profiles I wanted on site mid installation. Would recommend to anyone out there!
Andrew White
Andrew White
They did a phenomenal job! we are very pleased with the windows, and even where there was a miscommunication and the wrong trim was used, they went and purchased the correct trim and replaced it same day.
Chang Chi
Chang Chi
Great customer service with beautiful product at a fair price. Thank you
Navdip Randhawa
Navdip Randhawa
Amazing workspace, intelligent individuals with unique skills and trades. They will ensure perfection on any job.
NIcole O’Callaghan
NIcole O’Callaghan
My parents recently got their home windows redone by Windowsville. My dad couldn’t stop talking about the amazing service from beginning to end offered by Arik, Dimitri and the team from sales to measuring to installation. He is so happy and they like the windows very much.
Tewolde Tewolde
Tewolde Tewolde
Amazing job
Semion Govergun
Semion Govergun
Windowsville did an amazing job replacing our windows and doors. Definitely recommended.
Divyen Patel
Divyen Patel
From the initial consultation to the installation process, I was always kept updated with my project. Their quality and price are unbeatable. All of the staff were very polite, courteous and professional at all times. They did an excellent job on our windows and doors. If your in the market looking to replace your windows and/or doors, I would highly recommend Windowsville!
Narbeh Khachikian
Narbeh Khachikian
Thank you Arik, Arthur, Sergey and the team at Windowsville. They did a very good clean job even with our California shutters they were able to remove and pit back in place with the new windows. I would highly recommend this company

Top-Rated Hamilton Windows & Doors

At Windowsville, we are dedicated to delivering top-rated window and door installations, replacements, and services throughout Hamilton, from Dundas to Stoney Creek, and beyond. We have an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. That's how we run our business, and it's what sets us apart, allowing you to sit back and experience a seamless window replacement, guaranteed.

  • Ainslie Wood - L8S
  • Ainslie Wood North - L8S
  • Ainslie Wood West - L9C
  • Albion Falls - L8T
  • Allison - L8T
  • Ancaster - L9G
  • Barnstown - L8T
  • Bartonville - L8V
  • Beasley - L8R
  • Binbrook - L0R
  • Braeheid Survey - L0R
  • Breezy's Corners - L8N
  • Broughton West - L8V
  • Butler - L8E
  • Carlisle - L0R
  • Central Hamilton - L8R, L8P
  • Centremount - L9C
  • Chappel East - L9A
  • Chappel West - L9A
  • Chedoke Park A - L9C
  • Cherry Heights - L8G
  • Confederation Park A - L8V
  • Cootes Paradise - L9H
  • Cootes Paradise A - L9C
  • Cootes Paradise B - L8P
  • Copetown - L0R
  • Corman - L8H
  • Crerar - L8T
  • Crown Point East - L8H
  • Crown Point West - L8L
  • Duff's Corners - L9G
  • Eastmount - L9A
  • Eleanor - L8H
  • Falkirk East - L8E
  • Falkirk West - L8E
  • Fessenden - L8T
  • Flamboro - L0R
  • Flamboro Centre - L0R
  • Flamborough - L0R
  • Freelton - L8B
  • Fruitland - L8G
  • Gibson - L8L
  • Gilkson - L8E
  • Glanford Station - L0R
  • Gourley - L9C
  • Grayside - L8T
  • Gurnett - L8V
  • Hamilton Beach - L8H
  • Hamilton Beach B - L8H
  • Hamilton Beach C - L8H
  • Hannon - L0R
  • Hannon South - L0R
  • Hannon West - L0R
  • Harper Corners - L8N
  • Homeside - L8T
  • Hopkins Survey - L9H
  • Huntington - L9C
  • Inch Park - L9A
  • Industrial Sector B and Keith - L8H
  • Industrial Sector C - L8H
  • Industrial Sector D - L8H
  • Industrial Sector F - L8H
  • Industrial Sector G - L8H
  • Industrial Sector H - L8H
  • Industrial Sector K - L8H
  • Industrial Sector L - L8H
  • Industrial Sector M - L8H
  • Industrial Sector N - L8H
  • Jerome - L8H
  • Jerseyville - L0R
  • Kernighan - L8T
  • King's Forest Lower C - L8T
  • King's Forest Lower D - L8T
  • Kirkwall - N1R
  • Landsdale - L8L
  • Lisgar - L8M
  • Lynden - L0R
  • Macassa - L8V
  • McQuesten West - L8L
  • Meadowlands - L9K
  • Millgrove - L0R
  • Millgrove Station - L0R
  • Mount Hope - L0R
  • Mountsberg - L0P
  • Mountview - L8T
  • Nakoma - L9G
  • Normanhurst - L9C
  • North End - L8L
  • North End East - L8L
  • North Glanford - L0R
  • Parkview East - L8H
  • Parkview Heights - L9G
  • Parkview West - L8H
  • Perth Park - L9G
  • Pinecrest - L9G
  • Progreston - L0R
  • Quinndale - L8L
  • Raleigh - L8H
  • Randall - L9C
  • Renforth - L0R
  • Rockton - L0R
  • Rolston - L8E
  • Rushdale - L8W
  • Ryckmans - L8T
  • Rymal - L8W
  • Sheffield - L0R
  • Sheldon - L8E
  • Sherwood - L8T
  • Stipley - L8L
  • Stoney Creek - L8E, L8G, L8J
  • Strabane - L0R
  • Strathcona - L8N
  • Sunninghill - L8W
  • Tapleytown - L8J
  • Templemead - L8W
  • Trenholme - L8T
  • Troy - L0R
  • Tweedside - L8J
  • University Gardens - L9H
  • Valens - N1R
  • Waterdown - L0R
  • Waterdown North - L0R
  • West Harbour - L8L
  • Westcliffe East - L9C
  • Westcliffe West - L9C
  • Winona - L8E
  • Woodburn - L0R

Frequently Asked Questions In Hamilton

Windows Type   Price Range
Casement  $380 - $1,100
Awning  $380 - $1,100
Slider  $260 - $850
Hung  $270 - $890
Bay/Bow  $2,250 - $5,900  
Egress  $490 - $760
Door Type Price Range
Steel Door  $1,200 - $6,900 
Fiberglass Door   $2,300 - $12,900 
Sliding Door  $1,350 - $3,900
Storm Door  $1,200 - $1,900

Because we understand that care and attention to detail are the defining traits of a successful window installation.

Every job we do, we do to the highest standards of quality. A successful installation only ends when our customer is not just satisfied, but thrilled with the results.

We've been operating in Hamilton for years. We're a trusted institution within the community. We are knowledgeable about local building codes, and have the experience and resources to guarantee a smooth, worry-free installation.

Our team has created an efficient 6-step process to ensure our customers' projects are completed quickly and without interruption. Communication is a top priority, so we'll keep you in the loop with updates every step of the way - making sure your project stays on schedule no matter what speedbumps arise!

Grace & David knew just what to do when they wanted to save on costs. By taking advantage of the current discounts offered by Windowsville, they were able to reduce their expenses significantly - a whopping 80%! Don't miss this inspiring story – you'll be glad you did!

Permits are required if you intend to change the size or shape of the windows structurally.

Whenever you see condensation, moisture, or any visible damage to your windows and doors, you should replace them. If you notice these signs, you might want to replace your windows. You should replace your front door if you notice a draft or see signs of wear and tear. If your old entry door is no longer safe, replace it immediately.

All Windowsville windows satisfy the most up-to-date ENERGY STAR® guidelines and are eligible for government rebates.

We will do our best to reduce the impact on the environment during the installation and construction by taking good care of the site and leaving everything as clean as possible.

With a quick turnaround time of just three days, our windows and doors replacement consultants are ready to provide you with the answers and service your request deserves.

At Windowsville, we install windows and doors all year round. In winter months we take precautions to minimize the loss of energy during the process. Should any inclement weather happen, we will reschedule the time for you.