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Casement and Fixed Windows Installation in Etobicoke

Upgrading your windows in Etobicoke has never been this convenient. Windowsville recently completed a full classic window replacement project in Etobicoke, aiming to enhance our client’s home energy efficiency and style.

Client had the following concerns about their old windows:

  • Drafty, allowing cold air in during winter.
  • Noise from outside.
  • Difficulty in opening and closing.
  • Foggy and cloudy windows.
  • Outdated style not matching the home’s exterior aesthetics.
  • Lack of proper insulation.

The client had been grappling with various issues related to their old windows, such as drafts, noise disturbances, and soaring energy bills. They also sought to modernize the look of their home’s outdoor design. During the installation, our team meticulously ensured that each window was correctly fitted and sealed to eliminate air leakage or water damage. The end result not only enhanced the visual appeal but also delivered functionality, creating a comfortable living space with improved energy efficiency.

In this project, we installed casement windows and custom fixed windows. The client’s request involved three windows: two standard and one special. We addressed this by installing two casement dark brown windows and a custom dark brown fixed window with an arched transom. These windows feature an innovative multipoint locking system, providing improved security and superior performance.

The client was overjoyed with the project’s outcome and commended our team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. They reported a substantial reduction in outside noise levels and a noticeable decrease in their monthly energy expenses since the installation.

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