Windows Renovation in Whitby

Complete Windows Installation in Whitby

A homeowner approached us for a complete windows installation project in Whitby. Eager to take on the challenge, we revamped the entire exterior of their house with new fixed windows, casement windows, and awning windows. At Windowsville, we specialize in making window installation across the GTA a seamless and disruption-minimizing process. We meticulously selected black frames for all the windows to match the client’s preferences.

For unobstructed views and optimal airflow, we incorporated awning windows for the basement and top floor. On the main floor and upper floor, vinyl casement windows were installed that opens up to a 90-degree angle, offering a combination of great views and excellent ventilation. Additionally, some fixed windows were installed all over that combined with operating windows to create unique designs, making them ideal for well-ventilated spaces. Looking for a home transformation with new windows and doors in the GTA? Contact us today for top-quality doors and windows that effortlessly blend style with durability!


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