When is it Better to Replace Your Windows vs. Just the Glass?

replacing your window vs just the glass

The two main options available to homeowners are window replacement and window glass replacement, whether they need to replace a broken window or upgrade their windows. We’ll look at what each process entails, and when one is more suitable than the other. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to weigh both before deciding.

Window Replacement

Window replacement is the act of replacing an entire window frame with a new one. A new frame is typically installed by removing the old frame, along with any hardware and components, such as sashes, panes, or glazing beads and then installing a new one. While this process can be lengthy and costly, it offers many benefits, like better energy efficiency thanks to improved seals around the frame, enhanced aesthetics due to updated materials, and improved ventilation due to new opening mechanisms (e.g., crank or slider).

Window Glass Replacement

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing an entire window frame but still need a quick fix for broken glass or outdated panes, then window glass replacement may be your best option. This involves simply replacing the glass in your existing window frames rather than replacing the frames themselves. The benefit here is that this option is often much cheaper than full window replacement yet can still provide improved insulation from drafts if you choose double-paned windows. Since no demolition is necessary, this process is far less time-consuming than full window replacement.

When deciding between window replacement vs. glass replacement for your home project, there are several factors you should consider such as cost, the timeline for completion, desired aesthetic outcome, energy efficiency requirements etc. If you need window replacements in Toronto and the GTA, Windowsville is here to help. We offer a wide variety of windows from which you can choose, and our team of experts will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Contact us today or call us at (905) 790-0909 to see how we can make a difference in your home’s ecosystem.