White Casement Windows and Steel Door Installation Scarborough

white windows installation scarborough

These lovely Scarborough homeowners hired us to carry out a full windows replacement and entry door replacement for their property.

The Client's Key Complaints:

  • Broken seal in the thermal glass units of the windows - causing moisture, condensation, fogginess, and losing energy efficiency
  • Window draft - causing uncomfortable living conditions
  • Standard decorative grilles - the style felt dated
  • Windows configuration and functionality
  • Rotten frames of the windows
  • Entry door style and privacy

Through our free in-home consultation, we gathered all the important information needed for this project. We proposed a full-frame replacement of the windows and entry door, with complete insulation included. This was accompanied by a complete rebuild of the bay windows and their frames, as well as an addition of casement windows with multipoint locking systems to modernize the look. To further enhance the efficiency of both light and heat, the old grilles were eliminated in order to maximize glass space, improve efficiency and allow more natural light into the home. The entry door was also upgraded to a steel solid double door with a grove pattern to reflect a more current style.

If you live in Scarborough or the surrounding areas and are looking to upgrade your windows and doors, please give us a call or fill out our contact form for a free in-home estimate. One of our representatives will gladly drop by, take a look, and recommend the best possible windows or doors for your home!

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